Extension Activities


National Service Scheme dedicated to the overall development of students through social changes is a major crucible for human values, social ethics, and environmental issues. There are 2 units of NSS in the college looked after by programme coordinators. Students participate in regular activities as well as campaigning activities round the year. Tree plantation camps, blood donation camps and awareness campaigns on contemporary issues like HIV, AIDS, gender sensitization etc are held.

National Service Scheme has been running in the college since 1974. Initially one unit of NSS was started but now 2 units are functional. There are 200 seats available in both units against which 250 students have registered themselves in the current session.

    The activities of NSS are being conducted under two categories
  1. Regular activities
  2. Camp activities
  1. Regular Activities-Regular activities include projects such as campus development, tree plantation, women and child welfare, village adoption and its development, work in Nari Niketan, project related with old aged handicapped and destitute, project based on solar energy and alternative energy resources, conservation of archaeological heritage, program based on public awareness on HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis
  2. Camp Activities-The NSS units organise 10 days camp in different selected villages. Projects are selected according to needs of the rural life. NSS Units of College have developed a park for children of the village. College units have developed a park with slide and swings in ward no. 1 of village Lalpur and Khilchipur each, for this students themselves raised the fund.
  3. National Awards-National Indira Gandhi Youth Award for best N.S.S. volunteer : Km. Bharti Shastri in 2001-02.


Water conservation and harvesting in rural and urban area.

    Rural Areas
  • Construction of small ponds in field
  • Construction of contours and bunds
  • Conservation of water in field itself
  • Maintaining the banks of river, stop water dam, construction with sand bags etc.
    Urban Areas
  • Proper utilization of water
  • Roof top water harvesting
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Avoiding Wastage of water.
  • Poster competitions


NCC with its motto “Unity and discipline” was started in the college from session 2012-13, under the aegis of 10 MPBN. 53 cadet vacancies are allotted by NCC headquarters. Students enthusiastically get enrolled for NCC, which develops skills like discipline, leadership, secular outlook, character and sprit of adventure in these students. Cadets participates in Republic day parade and Independence day parade. During this short span of 2 years, 10 cadets have qualified for ‘C’ certificate and in session 2014-15, 14 cadets got ‘B’ certificate.


College has science association which caters to the innovation skills of the students. Science association organizes quiz, essay competition and science exhibition throughout the session based on themes related to basic science issues. Students are motivated to prepare static and dynamic models. Best efforts are appreciated.






The main aim of placement cell is to provide placement opportunities to the students of our college.


CGC is a source of information for guiding and counselling the students to provide training/workshop opportunities in the areas of scholastic career and individual career devlopment.